Staff Augmentation & Full Stack Dev

Using Darwoft offerings to complete several software and web development projects, the client has been impressed with our skills. We have been successful in building a trusting relationship through reliable communication and consistent transparency of our work processes.


The client’s biggest challenge was capacity at the time. They were looking for extra manpower to get features and projects done more quickly.


Starting with one of our developers in 2018, we began working on projects alongside the client’s team. At this point, we have collaborated on 3–4 web apps. We have done full-stack web development, using PHP, AngularJS and MySQL. Now, two developers still give them a hand, for example, with UX.

The client strongly believes that we are very competent at breaking language barriers, creating an effective communication flow. What is more, they consider similar time zones another great advantage.

Taking into account that this is a staff augmentation effort, the client has Darwoft on an hourly contract that lasts through the end of the year.

Results & Feedback

"I’ve been very pleased with the developers they’ve provided us. The quality of work has been high, and they have specialized resources. We didn’t use the full range of their services—they offer project managers and analytics teams that we didn’t use. They offered those services up several times, though. Their developers are great, but they have a lot more to offer on top of that.

(...) we have daily phone calls with their develops, serving as progress updates. Whenever there has been a deadline, they’ve worked hard to reach it.

They’ve done an all-around great job on our projects. As a company, they’ve done a good job." - Co-Founder, Custom Software Dev Company

“Whenever there has been a deadline, they’ve worked hard to reach it.”

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