MVP Development for Sleep Solutions Startup

According to the client, the feature has not been launched yet but we met the expectations of the internal team and passed testing. Darwoft communicates effectively to ensure a seamless workflow. The team provides quality results that match the needs and requirements of the customer.


Remrise is an early stage e-commerce startup developing solutions to guarantee better sleep. Their website tests users’ sleep habits and offers different products to keep life balance. To motivate people achieve effective results every day, the client needs to follow their process.

How? Darwoft developed a gamified backend for Remrise's mobile app with flexible and configurable business rules so that they can update goals, badges and notifications easily to encourage users succeed in their attempt to change their lives. It also registers and analyzes historical data with a smartphone or a Fitbit device. Now, thanks to our engineers, there is a flexible, well-written, well-tested and well-documented backend carefully created and maintained.

Definitely, we make dreams come true!



Darwoft built the backend for the client's website and set up regular milestones together with demo meetings every two weeks. We also provided backend testing and integration to make sure everything was running smoothly.

Results & Feedback

"We haven't launched the feature yet in our mobile app, but from our evaluation, the backend is well documented, deployed, configurable, and well tested. It's flexible enough to be consumed by our mobile app as well as our web front end.

Darwoft had a project manager as well as en engineering manager. The engineering manager explained their agile development process at the beginning. They arranged to meet with our engineer both remotely and in person regularly.

We had demo meetings every two weeks where they showed us demos, asked questions, and showed us the extend of their tests. They set up end to end deliverables that were done incrementally so we were well assured we were making good progress.

This was a fixed cost project, but when Darwoft was able to make do with fewer resources at the end, they charged us less, and communicated this to us in a very transparent way.

Darwoft provided the service at reasonable cost and were very communicative, asking questions whenever needed to ensure they delivered what our business needs. They are concerned about making our business a success rather than check off boxes.

They are a wonderful partner and we would love to work with them again." - Director of Engineering & Product Management, Remrise

"They are a wonderful partner and we would love to work with them again."

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