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We have been a Boutique Software Shop for over 10 years being the best tech solution provider.

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The client is a custom software development company & talent sourcing agency with offices in Buenos Aires, Seattle, and Las Vegas. We help him with a team of senior developers. 

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Carejourney is helping health care organizations manage the COVID-19 pandemic by using data insights to answer key questions around at-risk populations and their utilization of healthcare services and treatments.

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Webee provides a no-code end-to-end IoT toolset powered by AI, and Computer Vision, that allows simple connectivity through sensors and devices, intuitive data processing, and instant remote monitoring of operations. We provided an expert to improve their Java skills. 


Getting behind security hardware with an application for automated installation and self-management of cameras and alarms.


MVP based in the USA for online divorce services. Our group supports these entrepreneurs to prepare a functional prototype for fundraising.


Architecture and intelligence project applied to the development of a gamified engine for a healthcare mobile application.


Corporate customer relationship manager created by an in-house team that got fantastic results during a year of industrious work.


This digital wallet startup relies on us to carry out innovation tasks regarding web and mobile integrations, payments, management and UX processes, and code review.


Development of Drupal-based educational, corporate and government sites for one of our first partners with 10+ clients in the USA.


Improvement of an AI tool applied to an AI cash flow network that brings instant payment upon shipping, automatic payable extensions and money market rates to B2B sales and purchases.


We add value to the core of this flourishing company, improving their travel management system in every franchise.


Real state web platform maintained by a team of Full Stack, React.JS and Node.JS developers, aimed at adding new features for quality SEO and business management.


Powerful tool to revamp logistics and distribution for the YPF fleet. There are 1500+ interconnected trucks together with a rules engine that warns about any inconveniences and enhances performance.


Interesting Agrotech project which develops a soil monitoring system, traceability and georeferenced yield maps. To generate an impact from seeding to harvest in the USA.


On our way to build a mobile platform to manage, follow and improve target shooting constantly. The initial platform will integrate IoT together with targeting opticus.

Coca Darwoft

Mobile platform to solve problems automatically and give immediate solutions to the manufacturing sector.

Seabury Solutions

Aviation management software to automate processes for commercial pilots.


Innovation project, including face recognition and a warning system, which keeps track of security services in big events and government offices and has a huge volume of data and peripheral equipment.


Omnichannel custom service platform, personalizing customers’ experience.


Faithful co-pilot that handed our team over the design of their platform. Our algorithms are applied to social media sentiment analysis based on comments, social listening, content strategy analytics tools.



Social media Chatbot that gave support to customers. It could ask questions, guide surfers and make discounts, depending on the geographical area. You were the king of the party!.


Logistics Project, including road and freight tracking, GPS. The client helps us improve our AWS knowledge.


Extraordinary mobile application that matches possible car buyers to long-term finance plans, optimizing delivery deadlines, payment methods and test-drives.


Technologically in sync with their teams in Colombia and Atlanta (USA), creating a multidisciplinary WEB for every new challenge. Drupal and AEM are the main tools we have shared since 2015.


Development of a web and mobile communications portal for Latin American suppliers, involving a dozen of integrations.


Sharing more than 50 talented resources since the very first days to face mind-blowing challenges.


Ongoing projects with invaluable resources in UX, QA and Full Stack development teams.

McAfee Darwoft

We have worked on fascinating projects together. One of them is a mobile application used worldwide in which we could modify and add main features to the keyboard, those concerning security and parental control.


Front-to-back management platform for demolition contractors and dumpster rentals all across the USA. Drupal and JavaScript are some of the technologies implemented to create their website for their groundbreaking services.



E-commerce and intelligent search engine projects. Our talented team grows every day to make Darwoft become one of Claro’s exceptional partners and adds value to the client’s services.

Universidad Blas Pascal

Our UX team worked on the redesign of a learning management system for students and the development of an additional e-learning platform for employees. 


Pre and post-sales for automobile management have evolved and been revolutionized by our Full Stack Angular-NodeJS team. Now, each business administration tool is completely transformed.


The client-supplier relationship is crucial to succeed in any business. This is exactly why our responsibility is to help a notification and omnichannel communication platform evolve on a global scale.