Web Development for Telecommunications

The team consists of 6 people that have been working on this ongoing project since March 2020. This group is focused on creating an API for facial recognition, among other solutions.


The first thing the team did was a proof of concept, better known as POC, to test the Herta recognition engines in order to validate the technical feasibility for the solution the group needed to provide.

Later, the biggest challenge was to design a system ready to be adapted to different users and needs. The application receives 5,000 users who have varied roles and access levels. In addition, it manages a high-reliability, redundancy, and data retrieval system.


The team designed and developed an application for person identity recognition and verification, useful for investigation case studies.

The application uses recognition engines, such as Herta, and it is developed on .Net and Angular. It is also connected to several recognition nodes. As a result, it handles network load balance and data retrieval when errors occur. Apart from that, it controls monitoring, statistics and alarm systems, and email and Telegram notifications.

The team has met all requirements and deadlines. The client has accomplished his goals thus far.

Results & Feedback

"They meet all of our deadlines and we have very fluid communication. We use Google Meets and Slack to communicate and they use agile methodologies for project management."

"Their communication skills are great and they have good expertise."

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