AI Development for Social Media Listening Platform

The two firms have collaborated well, with Darwoft working tirelessly to find the best solutions as quickly as possible. With the updated platform already driving a positive impact on sales and satisfaction for the client, they are eagerly awaiting the launch of the AI component of the project.


The client has their own development team but they wanted to work faster on the development of some projects, for example, the development of their platform and the AI engine they use to detect the most commented topics on social media.


After having interviewed other five companies, the client chose Darwoft as a partner in April 2019. It was a difficult decision for them to hire outsource, but they realized our team adapted to their needs easily. We provided them with a group of five people to develop a new product and follow all the project's processes. The developers trained models, using ML.NET to carry out social sentiment analysis of posts, topics and campaigns, which were classified automatically into different categories.

Results & Feedback

“We are very happy with their work and learned how to work together while building a solid team. Our experience was positive. They were always willing to search out the best solutions for our project.
We've already implemented the new platform in which we changed design, back-end, performance, etc. That has had an impact on our sales and client satisfaction. We expect that to grow even more once we launch the AI.
If a client contacted us for a problem, they were available to solve it right away. That made us feel calm and safe with their work.
They showed significant commitment, sometimes working overtime to solve issues. We saw them more as partners than service providers.
The rotation of personnel could be improved, but that is something that happens in every tech company.” – CEO, TopicFlower

"They showed significant commitment, sometimes working overtime to solve issues."

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