CRM Software Development for Local Bank

Darwoft satisfied the requirements by delivering a high-quality product that continues to function well to this day. The team was very open and collaborative, and they adhered to all of the deadlines. Their developers were very skilled.


The client goal was to hire programmers to develop and support a CRM system.

There were business analysts and a team full of staff developers. Darwoft performed in-company, following the client's culture and protocols.


We developed the client's CRM system using .NET and implementing an SQL Server database.

We started working with this company in 2014 and finished in 2017. This was one of the largest implementations and had really complex business rules to follow.

Results & Feedback

"Their work (Darwoft's) was excellent. We’ve never had any issues with the product they developed, and it still works perfectly. They were always very open and willing to collaborate.

We used a ticket system. They always met all deadlines. Any change requirements came from our side.

The quality of the talent they provided was great. We worked with senior developers that really were up to the level of our expectations and requirements." - IT Manager, Local Bank

"The quality of the talent they provided was great."

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