Core team for Travel Company

The client refers to the work delivered by Darwoft as consistently high, satisfying all client stakeholder expectations for the project. They communicate thoroughly and frequently with the in-house team and work in Scrum methodology, providing updates on progress and opportunities for feedback.


The client contacted us in order to rearrange and increase the infrastructure of their development department and improve their web and mobile app service, turning of the screw on the product, which also helped us provide extra benefits and optimize sales for all of our customers. We merged 100% with the dev team, giving them a fresh viewpoint to face goals and speed up the process. Our first tasks were about test automation using Postman and project reviews in React until we had the chance to take over the implementation and reforms of most developments.


During the process, the client was able to see the value of our service, giving us space to propose solutions to the multiple challenges that were coming. We participated in an Android native app migration to a multiplatform app for Android and iOS, the implementation of a new payment wallet (improving transaction security), and the team in charge of managing the association with Supervielle to integrate the exchange of points with the client. Part of the winning trust process was the integration of a DevOps to manage the applications and services though the Azure Cloud Services, and a C# architect to link the API's URL to a gateway service.

Today, we have developers in every client cell, offering expertise in the following technologies:

  • Front End: developed in PHP with Yii framework, and React
  • Back End: developed in C#, using .Net Framework
  • Mobile: developed in C#, using Xamarin
  • Cloud Services: using Azure

The alliance achieved the necessary harmony for both teams to grow at a technical level, enhancing individualities and achieving a synergy that, now, allows us to speak of a future together taking new risks.

Results & Feedback

"When we hired Darwoft, we were looking for a greater quality of development and with them, we found developers with great skills, great readiness, very dedicated and savvy. Darwoft company always makes sure their resources feel comfortable working in the projects they are assigned to. We see the results of that all the time in terms of efficiency, quality, and skills.

They work in our offices so we communicate directly with them, we use Microsoft team, Azure DevOps, and a Scrum methodology. I also meet up with the project manager once a month for any updates and feedback.

As a company, I would highlight how they have always met time and how they treat their resources. As for the developers, their skills and willingness to carry on with the projects are truly exceptional." - Head of the IT Development Department at a travel company

"Their company always makes sure their resources feel comfortable working on the projects they are assigned to."

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