MVP Platform Dev for Divorce Automation Startup

The startup was happy with Darwoft’s work. Our team had exceptional communication skills and project management was strong. Customers can expect high quality work that is delivered in due time and manner.


The client wanted Darwoft as their partner for development.


The client called Darwoft because they consider it "is often a very well known company that has grown a lot and they’re referred often in the startup scene." Moreover, they had already met our CEO and worked hand in hand on several projects.

To set the new project in motion, we prepared a demo for a fundraising platform, using React. The team included an architect, a developer, and a project manager.

Results & Feedback


"I am always delighted with their work. We use this demo often, it is key for our fundraising activities. It is completely solid and has no bugs. We never had the need to fix anything, it works just perfectly.

Their communication is just excellent. We used Slack and had constant interactions with them. We also use Trello as our ticketing system. Everything worked perfectly and they met every deadline.

The quality of their work and their ability to meet all expectations were most impressive. Also, the cost-benefit balance is great.

They were growing a lot and at some point, they had a lack of personnel but they were able to solve that with time." - CTO, Bliss Divorce

"We never had the need to fix anything, it works just perfectly."

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